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DC++ 0.704

17/12/2007, 06:30, Author: denzab

Update for the popular Peer 2 Peer client DC + + (Direct Connect).

This Peer 2 Peer system has earned great popularity in the LAN, virtually replacing themselves FTP- servers. Over the last 2-3 years I have not met a local area network, which would not have been developed DC- community. It can be said that for the exchange of files on LAN it is the best way to do so, and perhaps the only real choice. DC + + is rich and popular in the global network. Thousands and thousands of users vary in different files, including Russian-speaking hub. For a list, please visit

This P2P network  works on the principle of universal access to resources. Each user is allocated a number of files that want to share with the society.

Download DC++ (2.3 MB - Open Source)

P2P, sharing, file sharing

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